The Stranger

“Who are you?” She asked, her eyes narrowing to slits.

“Sarah, I have known you for the longest time. You were just a baby girl back then, cute, chubby, curly-haired chipmunk. Your mother always used to say that you will become a fine young lady one day and see how right she was.” He told her, looking at her fondly. Sarah glared at him, confused and shocked.

“But, I don’t know you!” She exclaimed, “Why have you been following me?” Her confusion was evident in her voice and he wasn’t helping her either. He kept looking at her with fond eyes and that broke Sarah’s restraint.

“You don’t know me. You never knew my mother, you never knew my family. Stay away from me.” She started to get up. He restrained her by placing a hand on her arm.

“Tell me, how is Silver?” He asked her, looking closely at her. Sarah paled and stopped fighting, sat down and just looked at him.

“I don’t know any Silver.” She stated emotionlessly. She seemed to droop before his eyes. There was an awkward silence in which both of them observed in silence. He took hold of her hand, looked into her eyes and squeezed her hand.

“Sarah, I know all about what you have gone through. I would have been there for you had I been of the knowledge of what happened. I was busy with my business. I moved back a year ago, tried to locate you but the house was empty and nobody knew about your whereabouts. A private investigator I hired had provided me with your address but before I could reach you, I had to come to a meeting here and I was quite shocked to see you in that coffee shop the other day. You don’t know me Sarah; you were too young at that time. Your mother always cared for me when I came for vacations to the neighborhood, I used to love her homemade food especially the ice cream and she would tell me stories about you and Silver, even when you were gone to boarding school.” He took a sip of water, gave her a small smile and continued.

“Your mother loved you, more than Silver. She used to say that Silver was careless, impulsive, stupid while Sarah was a gem. She can take control of any situation and make it work out well and she was proud of you Sarah. I used to be a lot more worried about Silver but she used to say that Sarah will take care of her. I heard about your mother on the news, I tried to reach you, to tell you I’m there for you but my phone calls were ignored. I knew what you must have been going through but still you fought it. Your mother’s words were true. You were a fighter. I have seen you sitting in the cemetery for hours, beside your mother’s grave everyday but I couldn’t reach you. I wanted to but so much had happened in your short life, I couldn’t break into your peace with all this.” He quieted and watched as the emotions played across her beautiful face.

“Why now?” Her voice was hoarse with emotions as she fought to control her tears.

“Because Sarah, you are in danger.” He said, looking strangely at her.


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