Clutter. Disorder. Mess.

These three words came into her mind when she looked at the desk in front of her. It was full of files, memos, notes, Post-Its and stationary. Papers from files flew here and there, small Post-Its with notes were stuck here and there and what Sasha didn’t understand was how Agent Nick could work in all this clutter. She, herself was a neat and tidy person; her phobia for cleanliness drove her to great edges. She knew she was a family joke, her siblings, her relatives, everyone made fun of her because she was an orderly and immaculate person. Smiling over her thoughts, she moved closer to the table, waiting for Agent Nick’s return. She was assigned to this specific case with Agent Nick for her bravery, courage, intellect and intelligence. Her spunk had been noted and duly acknowledged by the more superior lieutenants and because of that, she had been assigned this case. She had worked with a lot of hardened and cynical men in her criminal department and so, she was quite sure she would be able to handle Nick as well. At the age of 24, she was the youngest and indomitable young female in all departments, her wit and impulse, her fearless attitude and fortitude had won her many awards and helped her solve a number of cases.

It was twelfth of June; the day she had turned twelve and came to know what families are all about. Sasha was used to her mother’s fight with her mother-in-law and her sister-in-laws but today she was fed up on all this. She woke up on the gloomiest day of her life and her nerves were in tatters because of another late night she put in. Expecting another of her mother’s daily bout of bickering and squabbling, she walked down the stairs to experience the shock of her life. She walked into a pool of blood and looking ahead, she watched the bodies of her family lying there. That scene was branded in her mind till this date, the thirst for revenge, the will to appease her family grew stronger each day she succeeded in another case. Coming back to reality, she turned around at the sound of footsteps outside the door as it opened on its hinges and the muscular shape of Nick stood in the doorway.

Her mouth dropped open.


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