The News

She had never seen anyone as handsome and gorgeous as the man standing in the doorway. Her eyes stared deeply into his eyes and the moment between them seemed to have become more electrified. Nick moved into his office, carefully shutting the door behind him.

“Detective Freeman?” He acknowledged her. Sasha nodded.

“Have a seat, Sasha! We will start in ten minutes, as soon as I am done with my messages.” He sat down in his chair, revolving it so that his back was to her. Sasha shook her head, her eyes on the back of the chair. Get a grip on yourself Sasha, she told herself, he is your boss. Although, he didn’t look like the other detectives who were battle hardened there was an aura virility and controlled strength that surrounded Nick. His emerald green eyes accented the green sweater he wore so beautifully and his tanned complexion was what every girl dreamt about. Shaking her head at herself, Sasha picked up her tablet to review her notes.

Ten minutes later, Nick turned around to Sasha and regarded her in silence. Then he picked up a file with her name written in bold letters across it.

“Detective Freeman, I have reviewed your file and so far, your record has been amazing in all the case investigations you have handled. Due to that, I have chosen you for this job as this is a top notch case and I want the best there is.” He told her.

“Thank you, Sir! I will definitely go through the case and begin working on it as soon as possible.” She gave him a small smile.

“Very well then, I have placed this information about the people who are close to the victim, have a look through them tonight and tomorrow, we will discuss them day after…” Before he could say another word, his cell phone rang.

“WHAT?” He almost screamed in his phone. “I am coming there right away. Tell them not to touch anything.” He picked up his car keys as the call got disconnected. Looking back at Sasha, he said:

“Those files can wait. We have an emergency on our hands now, Come!” He rushed through his office towards the driveway, Sasha at his heels.


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