Sarah hugged her mother in piggy back style, touching the necklace at her throat. “Mother, when I grow up, will you give me this necklace to wear?” she asked her with an expression of girlish eagerness on her face.

“Of course sweetheart! Everything I own will be yours someday!” her mother smiled and ruffled her hair.

Her eyes misted at the memories. She remembered the day of her mother’s accident, when she had lost her only belonging, the necklace. Holding it in her hand, she felt so close to her mother. Her mother’s belongings were in her custody, even after the accident, there was no sight of her necklace. Who had it for this long? She mused. Lines of confusion furrowed her beautiful forehead as she reflected on this situation. There were some pieces missing in the puzzle, she knew, and she would figure it out. She tied the necklace around her neck.

Seated at the coffee table near the window, she enjoyed her cup of coffee and the sea-view outside. This was her favorite spot, the corner table, hidden behind a trellis, with a wide view of the sea outside. This brought peace and tranquility to her. Her mother would have loved this place, she knew, and Silver would have been exuberant to watch so much beauty around. Lost in thought, she didn’t notice that she was being watched.

“Hi!” It was him. He was the same person whom she had watched staring at him in the coffee shop the other day and then with whom she had bumped on the beach.

“Hi!” She replied, her expression quizzical.

“Can I have a seat?” He asked her, sending a nervous shiver down her spine with his voice and expression. She nodded and moved aside. They sat watching each other, she sizing him up, he looks fondly at her. Sarah had never felt the same way as she was feeling now and her thoughts were all jumbled up. Who was he? She asked herself. Why was she drawn to him? These questions were baseless. She came out of her pondering at the sound of his voice.

“It’s time we finally met Sarah!” he said and her eyes widened in shock.

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