The smooth tides of the sea touched her feet, as she walked on the wet sand. The evening sun cast an orange glow over the horizon, the sun finally going back to its resting place. Standing on the edge of the beach, she let the water flow over her feet. She loved this beach, its tamed tides and beautiful landscapes created an eye-catching picture. Life had changed since she had set foot in this strange land. She was happier and content but not peaceful. She sought out peace but she was unable to find it. She turned around, intending to go back and collided with a stone hard chest.

“Sorry, I’m just so clumsy!” She said and turned to look at him. She gasped as her blue-green eyes met his chocolate brown ones. She recovered her composure, tried to move back but he held her tightly. She looked back at him, wanting him to release her but not quite so. He was smiling at her. As soon as the smile registered to her, she was electrified. Every nerve in her body was activated. She searched into his eyes, confused at her reaction but somewhat pleased. Regaining her composure, she broke the eye contact with him and stepped back. His hands fell limply to his sides.

She drew back, turned around and jogged to her car. Why did she keep seeing him? She asked herself. Why did she feel like this? Why oh why? Her fate was playing a game with her and she didn’t like it. She backed the car out of the parking and drove down the lane, her eyes still on the same spot where she had collided with him. She wanted to know who he was. Her curiosity was pricked. The next time he comes in front of me, I am surely going to ask who he is and what he wants from me, she decided.


Her hair tied behind her back, thick rimmed glasses perched on her nose, and she was engrossed in work. She looked up as her buzzer went off.

“Yes?” She held the phone receiver from one ear.

“Miss, there is a package for you but the recipient’s name is not mentioned.” Her secretary said.

“Send it in!” She advised her. Moments later, she walked in carrying the package.

“Put it there on the coffee table.” She advised her. Anna placed the parcel on the coffee table and left the room quietly. Sometime later, her attention drifted to the gaily covered wrap that was the parcel she received. She put down her pencil and stood up. Her curiosity was pricked. Unwrapping, she took out a box with the Tiffany’s logo emblazoned upon it. She opened and her eyes widened in shock. Inside, nestled in folds of satin was her mother’s pendant, which she had lost in the accident. She turned the box, for a signature or name of who sent it but there were none. She dropped to her knees.


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