An Unexpected Commitment

She stood at her apartment window, looking out at the river, the tide touching the stones in a perfect splash. The sun was almost sinking down the horizon, its orange glow visible. Her mind was not on the scene that was visible through the window but on her past. She had lost her sister because of cancer not because of Sherry whom she had blamed for years. She lost her mother to a car accident; she couldn’t remember her father because she had never seen him. Now, all she had was memories of that house where they all had lived as a family. That house which had sweet memories as well as bitter memories. She was at peace with her past now. She had never wanted to leave but destiny brought her here, to Singapore. She hadn’t seen Sherry since the day she found him stalking her. She didn’t care. Her eyes misted at the thought that Silver was suffering and she never hinted anything to her. She could have made her sister’s pain easier but her sister was as stubborn as she was. Suddenly, the old man in the cemetery came to her mind. His advice was running through her mind. That question had kept her wide awake for months after that meeting. Why had he wanted her to leave? Why?

She stepped away from the window, closed the curtains and planned to go out for a short walk to calm her spirits. Switching off the lights, she closed the door and locked it. The soft wind ruffled her hair; she looked around at the people bustling down the streets, eager to reach home to their families and children. How she yearned to have a family like that, a loving family with whom she could share her life and experiences. She has been a loner since a long time but now she felt that it was time to make a decision. Her feet took her to the same cafe shop where she sat every day since she came here. She sat at an isolated table and ordered herself a cup of cold coffee. This was her usual routine. Such monotonous life she led, Sarah realized suddenly. She needed some spontaneity in her life, something to take her out of her depression, something to make her happy and become normal. Just then she felt a sharp tingling at the back of her neck, the type you feel when someone is watching you. She looked in the direction of the bar and froze. There sat a gentleman in a perfect raven black tuxedo, blue silk tie and a ruby winks from the top of his shirt. Her gaze lifted into his eyes, twinkling chocolate brown eyes and she watched as they twinkled in appreciation at her. She broke the contact, suddenly feeling angry, slapped a ten dollar bill on the table and grabbed her purse. She turned to watch him again, he was smiling at her and the moment seemed to freeze. She shook her head, turned around and left.



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