Special Favor For A Special Friend

Stepping out of the elevator, she walked through the reception area and opened the door to her secretary’s room.

“Any messages, Anne?” She asked her, standing by her desk. Anne handed her a couple of messages and a cup of coffee. She followed her into her room and closed the door behind her, to take instructions from Sarah, which was a ritual of everyday. Sarah took a sip of her coffee, placed the messages on her desk and as she was reaching for the first one, her phone rang.

“Hello! Sarah Elliott speaking!” It was her boss, Vanessa Stevenson.

“Sarah, can you come in for a Sec?” It was a request.

“Sure!” Sarah placed the phone back on the cradle and turned to Anne.

“We will continue this when I get back from Vanessa, meanwhile hold all my calls.” Anne nodded and backed out of her room.

Sarah and Vanessa had become close friends since Sarah joined this organization, two years ago. They both were same, two workaholic women, who wanted to make a change. Vanessa, in her forties was quite stern looking, in a crisp, business suit and her hair tied in a chignon. She was the Vice President of Human Resource Division and she took her job really seriously. Sarah knocked on her door and walked in. Vanessa looked as serious as ever. She motioned her to a chair in front of her desk and moved to take out a file out of her drawer. She turned to Sarah, scrutinizing her closely.

“You look well!” She remarked. Both of them knew what that remark meant. Two months ago, when Sarah had come to work for her, she was depressed, psychotic woman who wouldn’t talk to anyone on her staff, wouldn’t gossip with other women, and who would work like a demon. She wouldn’t act like a typical woman. That intrigued Vanessa into talking to her, befriending her and when they were close enough, she managed to grab some bits and pieces of her life only but that was enough to make her understand what she had been through. Vanessa never questioned her again nor gave any hint that she knew about her previous life.

“There is color in your cheeks and you look happy. I’m glad you are recovering.” She smiled at her, and then turned to open the file.

“Thank you, Nessa!” She used her nickname that she sometimes used. Vanessa returned her smile.

“Okay, the reason I called you here is of an utmost importance to me. Our branch is Singapore needs some important personnel and their bosses to come over there as auditors and teach them something new. I have to select only one person from my office and as you can see, I am already working on a project; I want you to go from my office. You have to visit Singapore for a span of three years, stay there, teach them all you know, enjoy the weather and the environment until the project is over.” She looked at her. Sarah sat like a puppet, looking at Vanessa with wide eyes. She had never thought of leaving her own town, her own city ever.

“Can’t anyone else from the department go?” She asked, searching for an alternative.

“Sarah, no one is as experienced as you are and you need this exposure to blossom in your field. My choice is yours! I hope you will comply with it.” Vanessa said with finality.

Sarah nodded. “Perfectly!” And left the room.


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