The afternoon sun shone on the screen of the car, she sat in front of the steering, gazing at the neighborhood where she and silver had grown up. Getting out of the car, she walked to the small gate which enclosed the garden in front of the house where they had been a happy family, a house with memories of love, pain, betrayals, selfishness. She gulped against the tears at the back of her throat and opened the gate on its rusty hinges. The garden was unkempt which showed extreme neglect. She remembered how her mother loved her garden, her roses, and her petunias. She looked around because they used to be there as long as she remembered. The roses stood gleaming in the sunlight, bright, beautiful red and the petunias seemed gay in the bright sunlight. Suddenly, the garden around her seemed to come to life. The roses bloomed, the petunias glittered in happiness and the trees seemed to smile at her in welcome. She basked in the love and warmth surrounding her and a smile softened her features. She walked towards the garden swing, the overgrown grass crunching beneath her feet. She stood there, watching the swing for the longest time.

“Sarah!” Silver called out to her, excited. “Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!”

“Sarah, push the swing faster!” Silver exclaimed, excitedly. “FASSSSTERRRR……”She turned around but it was just a memory, her lips curved into a smile. She hadn’t visited here since her mother died and Silver took off with Sherry. She had closed all doors on this house and went off to live somewhere else. She couldn’t bear to live in a house with so many memories, so she leased the house to a family and moved out. She turned around and collided with a strong, male chest.

“Sorry!” She said, thinking that it must be her tenant and then looked at his face.

“Sherry!!” She exclaimed, shocked. “What are you doing here?” She was flabbergasted. Why was he following her? She asked the question from herself but no answer came. She searched his face, her chocolate brown eyes worriedly gazing into his smoking gray ones which were sparkling with laughter.

“I was just passing through and saw your vehicle up front,” he said, “that’s why came to check what brings you here after so long.” He explained, both of them aware of the fact that he was stalking her.

Sarah was shocked.

Sherry was embarrassed at being found out but happiness.

Sarah glared at him with stormy blue eyes, turned on her heels and went inside. She searched in Silver’s room for the letter she had left for her when she left Sarah. She found it at the bottom of her drawer took it out and closed it. Turning towards the door, she about to switch off the light when her gaze dropped on a file named “PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL”. The handwriting was written in Silver’s scribbling script. Picking it up, she took it along her and closed the door to her room. The tenants she had, they used the two rooms on the first floor, her room and Silver’s was still the same. She looked around at her house, it was still the same. Tears came into her eyes at how destiny had changed all their lives. She lost her father when she was six years old, then she lost her little brother an hour after he was born, then her mother in a car accident and then Silver. It was a miracle that she was a normal human being. She closed the door and walked quickly to her car. She was almost reversing her car when she saw those same eyes, the eyes of a hurt man, the eyes who asked for help, and the eyes she dreamt about. She blinked, breathed in deeply and looked again but they were nowhere to be seen. Confused, she looked out of the mirror, but no one seemed to be around. Sherry had also left the house. She turned around and drove back.


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