Befuddled and Confused

She retreated a few steps, her eyes on the elderly man, leaning on a heavy cane. She was scared. Sprinting through the graves towards the entrance to the cemetery where her car was parked, she closed the doors, locked them and then breathed. She reversed the car, and then saw him, standing there, watching her with sad eyes. She revved sharply and drove away.

Closing her bedroom door, she slumped against her. The old man’s eyes, they were embedded in her mind. The memory kept coming back to her. She looked at the clock on the opposite wall. It was quarter past four; she would be late if she didn’t hurry up. All the time she was getting ready, her mind kept going to that old man with sad eyes. Sometimes, she felt like going back to the graveyard but something stopped her. Her conscience kept stopping her from going there. She drove to the park where she was supposed to meet Sherry.

Seated at a local coffee shop, with Silver’s things spread in front of her and Sherry watching her closely, she was a mixture of emotions.

“I wanted to tell you all this, I advised silver as well but she wouldn’t listen to me. I’m so sorry, Sarah!” He looked forlorn. Her throat was constricted with tears.

“Sarah, you know I want to take care of you. I am all the family you have left now. I don’t like the way you are trying to fend for yourself but how long will this last?” She cleared her eyes with a napkin and looked around, and she froze. These eyes were embedded in her mind. The same SAD EYES FROM THE CEMETERY! She blinked but those were the same eyes.

“One Sec, Sherry!” She moved closer to the bar. An old man, in his early seventies was sitting there sipping his coffee.

“Excuse me,” the man turned around. He wasn’t the same person she thought.

“Sorry, I thought you were someone I knew.” She apologized and turned around. Sherry was watching her in a weird way.

“What’s going on, Sarah?” He asked her, staring into her eyes.

“Nothing really.” She said, “I want some time alone to think and absorb this all. If you are done with everything I would like to leave now.” She grabbed her bag, gathered Silver’s stuff and rushed out.


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