An Incident That Changed Their Lives

“What do you think, Sarah?” She looked up from the novel she was reading, her younger sister, Silver, was standing in her bedroom doorway. She was wearing one of her dress and looking expectantly at Sarah.

“Isn’t that one of my dresses?” She asked, going back to her novel. She didn’t notice the display of colors that played across Silver’s face.

“Yes! But doesn’t it look lovely on me Sarah?” She looked up disinterestedly and nodded. Assured, Silver chatted with her about everything that came to her mind. Although she was two years younger than Sarah, she was exceptionally bright, lively, well read, an extrovert and had a zest for life. On the other hand, Sarah was her total opposite. Her life revolved around her books, how she could help their mother and she was one hell of an introvert. She was a thinker who wanted to change the world. No one could understand what was going through her.

“When do you think mother is going to return home?” Silver asked her, as she brushed her hair.

“I have no idea, Silver!” She replied, “by the way, why are you so much dressed up?” She glanced up at the dressing table.

“Just like that!” She smiled back at her sister in the mirror. “I just had a whim so I changed.”

“I see! Anyways, you should clean up that table after you’re done.”

“Sure, big sis!” Sarah glared confused at her back and turned on her pillow, intending to return to her novel.

The phone was ringing shrilly. Mentally cursing silver for not attending, she rushed out of the bed and picked up the extension.

“Hello?” Her senses were all alert.

“Can I please talk to Miss Sarah? I am Officer Mathison.”

“This is Sarah!” Her voice was full of confusion. “How may I help you?”

“Miss Sarah, I am sorry to inform you, your mother had an accident and she’s being shifted to Life Care Hospital downtown.” The receiver slid from her numb fingers.




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