An Unexpected Encounter

She regained her composure, turned on her heels and walked away, her sneakers making a crunching sound on the wet grass. She opened the door of her car, slid in, locked her doors and took a deep breath, her eyes closed and her head fell on the wheel.

Why did this happen to her always? Why did her past keep coming back to her? Why couldn’t she lead a normal life since that incident? She was frustrated. How hard she tried, how very skillfully she compartmentalized her thoughts, this one person was always lurking around her mind. She sighed deeply and turned on the ignition.

Walking stealthily through the foyer, she quietly opened her room door and closed it softly behind her, not to disturb her sleeping housemate. Her private line was ringing loudly.

“Hello?”Her voice was more than a whisper.

“How are you, Sarah?” A chill ran down her spine at the familiar voice. She gripped the receiver harder and closed her eyes.

“What do you want?” Her voice was chilly. Her hands started perspiring and she tried her best not to lose control.

“I have nothing to say to you, sorry; don’t try to contact me again!”She slammed the phone and stood glaring at it for a moment. She sat down on her bed, her head in her hands, her palms pressing her eyes. Her life was so perfect, so peaceful before he came.

“I have it! I have it!” Her sister exclaimed, showing it in the air, laughing and running away from her.

“Give it back to me!” She screamed, running after her. She wanted to catch her, get back her personal journal, but she would give. Her mother opened the kitchen door,

“Now, girls! That’s not how young ladies act. Give your sister back her journal, Silver!” She smiled devilishly and began bearing on her sister to take her journal back. Sarah smiled in memory, those were happy days. When they all lived together, when nothing mattered except how much they had to study, how her little sister bothered her. Tears came into her eyes as she thought of little silver, who was no more in this world, he sweet, beautiful mother who wasn’t there to smile on their antics. She wiped tears from her eyes and her resolve hardened.



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