Musings of A Stranger

Where am I? That was the first thought in my mind when I looked around at my surroundings. The room touched a cord, a memory in my mind yet I couldn’t quite remember how I had knowledge of this place before. The remarkably beautiful , sunny room was familiar to me as the walls were painted the color of the sun. Color of sun? I asked myself. I liked the sun, the color of sun, since I was a baby, I loved the feeling of the soft rays touching my skin and the beauty of it all but the wall painted sun, wasn’t that weird somehow for normal people? I asked myself. I have never been here before, yet I had a familiar feeling towards this room. It was as if I was acquainted deeply with this room, related and attached to this place here and this room was excited to see me again. I could feel the happiness, the feeling of excitement and exuberance we feel when we see someone who is dear to us. Everything in the room showed exuberance and happiness for me being there. What is this place? I asked myself again and again. And where is my stupid maid? I thought, mentally cursing Lisa for not being there when I needed her. I stepped away from the bed and stood close to the mirror. The face that stared back me was mine, a little rough because of sleeping but my face it was, no doubt about it. I looked back at the room, absorbing the vibes that were getting stronger since I came back to my senses but quite not. Was I dreaming? A sunny room, a yellow colored wall, a feeling of happiness, there was something about this room, and not to forget these vibes. These vibes were so strong that I could feel them right to my heart. As I watched myself in the mirror, something shiny caught my eye right behind me on the shelf. I turned around, looking at the small object, almost like a ring on top of a book. A ring? Whose ring? I walked closer to the shelf, picked up the ring and looked at it and then I blacked out. I don’t remember anything after that.


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