The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The parking lot was swarming with reporters, pedestrians and curiosity seekers. There was traffic jam outside the town auditorium and loud honking of the cars could be heard. It was sight to behold as the large cars passed through the parking lot and parked here and there. It looked like the whole town was here to celebrate her success. This was a big day for the small town of Bancroft, where the people were lazy and lethargic, where talents weren’t recognized and where the people were careless and useless. For the first time in the history of Bancroft, a talented and endowed writer had taken birth here. She had strive hard to reach this threshold, to make a name for her in this wide, cruel world.
Standing behind the stage, Jenny was a mixture of emotions. This was her big day, her chance to outshine everyone out there. She breathed deeply and flicked her hair off her forehead as she went over tonight’s schedule again. She turned around at the sound of her name being called. Her best friends, Sarah and Cindy, were making their way towards the back, towards her. She straightened, pasted a smile on her face and moved forward to greet them.
“Hey, Jenny!” they called out in unison.
“Hey!” she called out and rushed over to them. They group hugged, laughing together.
“Everything looks so cool, Jenny!” Sarah exclaimed, exuberant at her friend’s success. Cindy smiled at both of them. Jenny, Sarah and Cindy were fast friends since kindergarten. They had grown-up together, played together, and studied together and even homework. Jenny’s mother was a schoolteacher who had tutored them when they were kids. Of the three of them, Sarah was the chatterbox; she loved talking about anything and everything. Cindy was the silent one, she used to observe and listen more than she had anything to say and Jenny, and she was the mastermind. Her dainty habits and politeness won everyone’s heart. Her iron strength and determination brought her to this position and she was the apple of everyone’s eyes in this small town of Bancroft. Her soft heart often landed her in trouble but she had everyone at her disposal to bail her out of her glitches.
Smiling, both Jenny and Cindy listened as Sarah went on and on about tonight’s plans and preparations. She knew, when Sarah set out to accomplish something, her iron resolve and determination could not be encountered and in this instance, she had both in her.
“Cindy, you have to take care of the opening ceremony, that is, the ribbon cutting ceremony and be there at jenny’s left side to hold out a pair of scissors to her. “ Sarah instructed her. Jenny positively beamed at her, thankful for having such caring friends.
As the time for the opening drew nearer, Jenny’s nerves were out of control. Perspiration stuck to her forehead as looked at her two best friends. They were her support, her encouragement and her defense.
“Jenny! It’s time to go!” Cindy said, cleaning the perspiration from her forehead. She squeezed her hand, giving her strength. Jenny smiled and hugged both of them.
“Stay close to me!” she said, checked her makeup and left.

All was in readiness;the chief guest had finally arrived, the guests waited behind them to witness the opening ceremony. Jenny stood with the chief guest, overlooking the red colored ribbon. The town people had decided to name this auditorium after her, to make her a symbol for future generations of Bancroft. She looked beside her, Cindy should have been here half an hour ago but she was nowhere to be found. Jenny looked at Sarah questioningly but she shook her head, indicating that she didn’t know. Jenny nodded, indicating that she understood and then nodded again for Sarah to bring the scissors. As soon as Sarah reached beside her elbow, there was a murmur in the crowd. Jenny turned around and at the same time she heard her name being bellowed.
“Jennifer!” The yell was getting closer. The crowd parted and between them stood Cindy, her hair askew.
“Cindy, what happened to you?” Jenny tried to go to her, unaware of the madness in her eyes.
“Don’t come near me,” she said loudly, “you think you can get famous, you are so talented almost everyone dotes on you. The town loves you, they let no harm come to you, your life is so perfect and ours, we have to strive for each and everything. How could I let it be perfect for you?” her voice was hoarse. “I am going to kill you.”
“What are you talking about Cindy? What is mine is yours and Sarah’s as well!” Jenny was confused. She tried to move closer to her but she took out a knife.
“Don’t you come near me! I hate you! “She screamed her eyes bloodshot.
”You wanted these scissors,” she held the pair of scissors Sarah had given her. “Here, take it!” She threw them in the air, right at Jenny. A security guard moved out of from behind the baluster and grabbed the scissor before it could hurt her. They hauled Cindy out of the auditorium in handcuffs, with Sarah and Jenny watching sadly. Jenny was stunned at her best friend’s behavior; she looked at Sarah, who was in the same condition as her. Jenny turned around, looked at the man beside her and decided to get on with the ceremony. She handed the scissor to him, to cut the ribbon and start tonight’s festivities. Applause rang out as the ribbon was cut and the guests moved inside.

Seated at the chaise lounge outside her home, Jenny looked at Sarah, their expressions troubled. She didn’t understand why Cindy had reacted like that and Sarah was thinking about the same.
“Jenny, she never even told me any of the things she was feeling. At least, I was more close to her.” Sarah’s voice was full of emotions. Jenny sighed.
“We can just hope for the best for her. Wherever she is, I hope she stays safe.” Jenny said and hugged Sarah. “We will always be with each other, never leave me alone!”
“I will never!” Sarah promised.

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