Flash Fiction: The First Freeze

The navy blue Mercedes rounded a sharp bend, spilling rain water over the side-mirrors. The road was rougher than usual for this time of the year and splattered with rain which had been occurring for the last 72 hours. Despite the bad weather, Megan and Ryan weren’t deterred from their plan of spending the weekend in a hideaway cabin up the mountains. They were prepared for all causalities they could come up with but the weather had grown darker than their calculations.

Megan was fond of cold weather, rain, snow, blizzards and what not and Ryan, sweet, beautiful Ryan, he put up with her obsessions as his own. He couldn’t deny her this vacation as their first year wedding anniversary celebrations. He loved her too much. Ryan had known the weather wasn’t good enough for the drive up here, in the mountains of Colorado but making Megan happy was of more significance to him. He turned the car around another sharp bend, sighed with relief at the sight of the beautiful cabin sitting in the middle of nowhere with a single lamp burning inside. He turned to Megan.

“That’s our cabin out there. Doesn’t it have a fairy tale setting?” he asked her, smiling. Megan’s smile was definitely angelic, her eyes glittering with unshed tears and looked in thankful at her loving husband.

“Indeed it is.” She said, breathless at the beauty surrounding them. “I simply love this place, the idea, the setting, it’s all so perfect.”

“Happy Wedding Anniversary, sweetheart!” he smiled, took out a velvet-covered box out of his pocket and placed it in front of her. She released the latch and squealed with excitement. Instantly, the ground around them turned white, indicating the first snow.  Megan ran out of the car, pulling a thick coat over her and ran around the snow like a young girl, enjoying her first snow.  Ryan looked at her in amusement, and sooner a snowball hit him, square in the face and so the play started. In moments, the ground beside them turned into a fairy tale meadow, with two chipmunks throwing snow at each other. For two people who originated from the state of California, this snow and cold were heaven for them.

Ryan grabbed Megan from her waist, his hands frozen and nibbled on her ear.

“I love you, Megan!” he said, his voice raw with emotions.

“I love you too, my chipmunk!” she said playfully, pulling his reddened nose and ran away, towards the cabin to warm herself. They had a perfect first anniversary as they enjoyed the first freeze of the Colorado Mountains.



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