Silent Thoughts

How we ignore the most essential and basic luxuries in life just because we have them ready for us.  How nothing matters to us but what we really want; a new pair of shoes or perhaps a new dress from the world-renowned designer. How we get everything ready made and spoon fed to us, having exactly no idea of how half of the world is fighting for bread and butter. Have we ever sat back and look at the world with the eyes of a stranger? Do we realize the sufferings and the desperation of the people around us? Every person out there has a story, good or bad, an untold story. To be able to understand the other person’s suffering, we need to be in their shoes and only then, we can understand what the any person may be going through. This is not only for the poor and the needy, but even in our daily life, we can avoid misunderstandings and regret only if we place ourselves in the shoes of the other person.

Today, while travelling I saw a rather old and elderly woman picking up small pieces of papers and tin cans from the roadside in scorching heat while she was barefoot. A city where the temperature starts from forty-three degree Celsius these days, a frail old woman walking barefoot on the road gives me goose bumps. What heart cannot feel the pain of the poor, I wouldn’t like to think. We can’t feel the pain of others until we are subjected to the same pain ourselves, until we live the life of the others.

Having been blessed an overactive mind also makes you conjure scenes that are real, yet they are not. If we have to walk barefoot in scorching heat and collect paper just for a one time meal, to put food in our stomach we can easily understand what these people undergo. They have no air conditioners in their homes, no electricity, they even scrape pennies for food. My heart cries when I see people on the streets as this is not what our religion teaches us. The stone cold behavior of the people is the reason why the world, especially Muslims, are going towards their downfall.

Let’s join hands today and promise ourselves that we must help the poor and the needy as they depend on us.

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