Peeping Tom

The wind was stronger today as compared to the last few days, here in the Colorado Mountains. People were seen hurrying towards their houses with their heads bent and collars over their ears. The cars spread the slush to the pedestrians. The chill brought the despondent news of snow that would be coming soon to this part of the earth. Birds were seen flying towards the south, where they believed it to be a warmer climate. The mountains posed a threatening figure to the onlookers, waiting for the snow to get this month.

Alexandria sat upon a stone, completely oblivious to the surrounding chill and cold. This was her favorite time of the year, when the sky turned blue, the color of forget-me-not and the mountains depicted a huge, snarling bald giant waiting to grab little children in its midst. Most of the children hated this weather as they had to stay indoors in the sanctity of their homes but not our little Alexandria. She would grab her pretty, little pink overcoat, her frilly baby-pink scarf and rush out to this spot, where she knew she wouldn’t be disturbed. Taking out her favorite book, David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens, she would lay down on the soft grass, her head resting on a bark of a tree like a pillow and reading her book.

A sudden prickly feeling of being watched suddenly registered to her and she sat up straight, roving her eyes here and there to see who was watching her. A boy of about ten summers was peeking at her from behind the bushes.

“Go away!” She said, her eyes back to her book. She watched him from the corner of her eyes, as he looked here and there.

“Yes, I’m talking to you.” She said to him. She meant to spook him into admitting that he was sneaking on her.

“Are you talking to me?” He stepped out from behind the bush, standing straighter now. He was tall and lanky, with light brown hair that matched his eyes. His thin features showed signs of hidden beauty. Alexandria put down her book and sat up.

“Why were you sneaking on me?” She asked, glaring at him. At eight, Alexandria showed signs of a promised beauty. Pale blue eyes, honey gold hair and beautiful skin, she had all signs of becoming a gorgeous lady when she grew up. She stood, with her hands on her hips, glaring at him in countenance. The wind caused her beautiful pink chiffon frock to swing around her legs, her hair rumpling and in that instance; Mitchell knew he was lost in her.

Alex looked at Mitchell as a person looks at a handicapped person, turned around to pick up her quilt and the book.

“I suppose someone would be looking for you, then you better go back to wherever you came from.” She said slowly, patted his arm and climbed on her bicycle.

“Goodbye!” She called out to him.



The mansion set atop the hill was undergoing preparations for the wedding ceremony of the eldest son of the house, Cecil. Although, the preparations had been trying for over a year now, finally the day they had all been waiting for had arrived. Huge bouquets of lilies and petunias lined the driveway, from the foot of the hill up to the house, creating a beautiful aspect of the path. Mitchell loved it these days, the scent of the flowers, the business in the family due to his older brother’s marriage, he was savoring every minute of every day.

Mitchell cycled his way up to the house as fast as his short, sturdy legs would allow him; he wanted to reach the sanctity of his bedroom as soon as possible. The lovely face of Alexandria, her shining golden hair and glowing bright eyes swarmed in front of his eyes. If he was older, he would have been sure of the fact that it was love at first sight but ten years old Mitchell didn’t understand that. Once in his room, he breathed deeply, his back to the door.

Over the years, Mitchell saw her at many of the local functions and funfairs with her parents. She was the only child and therefore quite pampered. He remembered one day when she had given her head a toss and her scarf had become loose. He still had that scarf safe in his closet and he took it out on occasions to have a look at it. Mitchell was madly in love with her and Alexandria was unaware of that.

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