The College Jock

Ten Years Later

“Mitchell!” “Mitchell” the crowd in the bleachers shouted his name as he gained possession of the ball and rushed towards his court, bent on scoring the final goal. His concentration was totally on the field, he ran faster, jumped and scored. His team had won, with 10-4 against the other team. He felt himself being lifted up, hugs and hi 5 all, but his eyes roamed the crowd, for that one face that was special to him.

Sarah rushed through the crowd of on-lookers, dying to get closer to Mitchell with her cheerleading outfit still on, she jumped and hugged him, kissing his neck and ears. Mitchell turned his head, grazing his lips with hers and then, taking her lips in a possessive passionate gesture that captured Sarah’s breath while the crowd hooted.

Half an hour later, bathed and changed, they gathered at the local pizza joint near the university. With his hand on Sarah’s waist, Mitchell entered to the cheers and hoots of his friends and mates. He got hugged and thumped on his back for the awesome game that he had played. He thanked everyone and then moved to sit with his friends, Sarah still with him.

From the day she had set her eyes on Mitchell in their freshmen year, Sarah Navajo wanted him for herself. She had fallen head over heels in love with him at first sight. Although, he avoided her at every chance he got, Sarah was bent on having Mitchell for herself. She would start primping herself up if she would watch him coming down the hall, she would slip love notes in his locker while he was still at practice and she would make sure she was in his line of view, whenever and wherever possible. At the end of their freshmen year, Sarah asked him out to prom which he accepted gracefully. Now, in their sophomore year, her relation with him was common knowledge and she loved the jealous looks she got from her fellows.

Mitchell grabbed a slice of pizza, smiling over something his best buddy, Nate said, when his eyes drew towards the door where two girls were entering. The golden hair and bright eyes had haunted him for years. The time seemed to have stopped as his childhood love entered the pub. He was sure of the fact that she was the same, her eyes, her beautiful smile and her way of talking authoratively was all that he remembered. She turned around and their eyes met. Two old unknown friends, who loved the cold winds in the mountains, she looked away without a trace of acknowledgment.

“Mitchell!” Nate’s voice brought him back to reality.

“Yes?” He turned towards him.

“Let’s get going. We plan to go bowling! Yoo-hoo!” He said. Mitchell smiled and joined the party while his eyes were still on the girls standing near the cash counter. Nate looked in the direction he was watching.

“That’s Eunice and her friend, Alexandria. They joined college quite late and keep to themselves. They are something, aren’t they?” He commented.  As if on cue, Alexandra turned around and their eyes met for a quarter of a second. She turned around and walked out if the pub.

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