What is Love?

indexWhat is love? We see everyone running after love, fame and money but when I ask myself, my mind comes up with the vaguest arguments ever.  My heart and mind would battle in which my heart wouldn’t agree but my mind would and vice versa. Love is a controversial subject but I learn when I face it. I decided to question people about love, the true feeling of love not the over-rated emotion that we all feel. Love is a beautiful feeling where you see yourself in a different light, everything looks beautiful and crystal clear but it is not quite so. Another person said, it makes you feel powerful and strong, like you can do anything for that one person. To some extent, I would agree with these beliefs but there is more to love than we understand.

love-isIn my opinion, love is to let go, love is silence which explains the purity of itself. It’s a spiritual emotion that connects two hearts not the occasional feelings that are felt or feelings that make our blood boil. That is lust but love is seeing someone without having seen them, love is blind since we can’t see it but we feel it, our emotions run wild but love makes us feel stronger.  To me, love is beauty, air, water and everything but they are all material things.

To feel someone without seeing them, to know them without knowing them, to trust them without reason and to be able to idolize them without a reason to idolize them, that is what I believe to be love. Words are strong which can be used to express our emotions but eyes are the mirror that shows us all the truth. We love someone but why do we need them? Love is not what weakens us; it’s the feeling of lust. The pure, undiluted form of loves makes you feel powerful, special and loved. History is witness that true love is forever separated so why do we cry at our loss when we should be happy to experience the beauty of true love? Why do we hurt and stop living when we know that we cannot find Mother Nature for her karma?

Whatever is decided for us is the best for us so why kill yourself when you believe love to be alive in your heart. It is not about touch, it is not about watching your loved one, it is about feeling their pain, their happiness and feeling them which hardly anyone experiences anymore.

2 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. Mary Dobbs says:

    I love how you described love. I was thinking about writing a paper on this subject but I don’t think I could do as good as job as you did. I will be looking forward to reading more of your work.

    • revampinglife says:

      Thank you, Mary! It is indeed something that I have been pondering over a long time and finally got the courage to put it on paper. I hope you enjoyed it. I will definitely try to bring more of this stuff on my blog.


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