Editorial of Love, Life and Everything Else by Xunaira J.


If there is one thing in this world that will never change, that is mystery. And, these stories all have an air of mystery to them. They take you places that you never thought you’d ever be able to go. They’re emotional, suspenseful, and even-sometimes-fun.
I’ve always been told that an author has to have something special to help them stick out from other authors. For some, like me, it’s the type of story or plot of the story; for others it’s the writing style. But, for Xunaira, it’s the provocation of thought. No matter what story of hers you are reading, she finds a way to get your brain working—in a good way.
For example, in Footsteps in the Attic, every page makes you wonder more and more about the noises, and what the girls find. It never ceases.
In The Novelist, you think about the man, and revel in the amazing person he was. You sit and wonder about everything he could have been through in his life, and how amazing it must have been. And, for a novelist, like myself and X, it holds an even bigger meaning; we strive to be that novelist that has a life’s story to tell. That story had to have been my favorite; for obvious reasons.
Now, I know we don’t read books in an effort to think—in fact, a lot of us read to escape—but, don’t underestimate the power of thought. Sometimes, all it takes to enjoy life is to think about the possibilities.
Genevieve Scholl
Author of Catching a Cardinal


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