#Writing101 Day 2 – A Room With A View

I wiped the tears from my eyes and banged the door close behind me. I was now in the sanctity of my room. My room was unlike any teenager’s room, it looked like a mausoleum to me with the Louis XIV four poster bed which I hated, matching winged armchairs and a vanity table. I hated this room although this was my sanctuary in this house of craziness.

I quickly ran towards my walk-in wardrobe and opened the heavy doors. Quickly changing into a pair of riding habit, I tied my hair with a scarf and pulled on my favorite cowboy boots. I was going riding to the favorite place that I have kept a secret from this new family of mine. I didn’t want them knowing that I could be happy somewhere as well. Walking down the stair, I kept my eyes and ears open so that I don’t bump into my mother-in-law or my sisters who would go above themselves to ruin my plan and force me to stay inside. Thankfully, nobody was around. I quickly slipped out of a side door, one that didn’t make a noise when I opened in and slipped out, rushing towards the stable with adrenaline rushing in my ears. As expected, the stable boy already had my horse saddled and ready to go. I flashed him a thankful smile and mounted.

What a freedom it was, to ride at breakneck speed with my hair flying all around me and the fields pass me like a blur. All I could see was tons and tons of land in front of me, with fields of hay and barley, whose smell hung in the air. It was so fresh and I inhaled deeply, reveling in the feeling. This was what I enjoyed the most, the freedom, independence and the ability to breathe and live my life as I pleased. I pressed the sides of my horse to move faster and there I was, the place of my dreams.

The gazebo looked the same like the last time I’ve been here. Surrounded by beautiful arches on all sides, it was painted all white with a gray colored dome on the top. Beautiful flowers, like lilies, roses, petunias surrounded it on all sides while healthy trees grew near them, protecting them from harm. This place was beautiful and what completed the picture was the stream that ran only a few little steps along the gazebo, it’s gentle water flowing softly, beckoning me forward, telling me in it’s own language how excited it was to see me again. I tied my horse against a tree and jumped down, taking out a journal and pen out of my satchel which was already tied to the horse. Being in my favorite place, I entered the gazebo and sat down on the floor, with my back against one of the arches. This place always soared my spirits and however bad my mood was, whenever I came here, I felt happy and relaxed.

I sat there for hours, writing to my heart’s content on my journals, looking here and there once at the view around me or when a beautiful bird would come and sit on one of the arches. Finished with my writing, I closed the journal and stood up when I saw him. Deep blue eyes looked deeply into my gray ones and a smiled appeared on his chiseled features. My mouth dropped open and that was when I saw his army uniform. I turned towards where my horse was tied, untying him and mounting as I rushed back towards my castle.

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