#Writing101 Day 3 – Music is my Lifeline

Disclaimer –  This post is dedicated to life, who taught me the meaning of words and the context of songs.

Music is food for soul. I’ve read that on numerous places with different examples, situations and what not. I’ve felt the importance of music as well but did I really? Although, we think that we understand words, words that are being used  in the songs, we realize later on that the way we analyzed them before was not what they meant. Every song has it’s own meaning but it depends on the way we interpret it. I have a never ending list of songs that if I start sharing with you right here, they will never end. Today, on Day 3 of #Writing101, I have only fifteen minutes to share only three songs with you. So, let’s get to that.


This song, Somebody’s me, is one hell of a song. It also has numerous memories attached with it, memories that are only mine to know and that I would never want to share. I won’t tell you exactly why but I will definitely tell you why I like this particular song. Well, for one thing, I am a DIE HARD fan of Enrique and of course any song by him means I will always love it, so I do. That is one reason but another reason for loving this particular song is that it has deep, meaningful lyrics that only sensitive hearts like mine can understand. I don’t mean to say hardened, cynical people won’t understand this song but I’m sure that they wouldn’t be able to understand this because of them having closed themselves to every sweet emotions and feeling that has been put into this song. Whenever I read a piece of literature, whether it is a story, a poem, a vignette or a song, I try to understand the emotions behind the words and this song instills in me the deepest of them.


I’ve listened to this song since I was eleven. Each time I heard, I thought this was one of the sweetest songs that I’ve ever heard by Richard Marx. As a teenager, he was my favorite singer too. I used to love his song, Hazard, a lot but then four years ago, I started to love this song. The song is quite deep and only the people with a sensitive and soft heart can hear it and really hear what is being said. It gives hope for what is yet to come, good or bad and whatever that gives hope always goes into my good books.


Well, our last song for today is none other than our very own back street boys, incomplete. This song was like an undiscovered jewel for me and it drew me towards itself since the very first day. You can listen to it anywhere, but my favorite place was a park, full of people where I used to go for my long walks and it still is on the top of my list in my i Pod. I wonder why.

Well, it was quite difficult to decide upon my three most favorite songs as I have a huge never ending list but here they are. I hope if you listen to them, you’ll feel the same emotions that I have felt from mere songs.

Happy hearing!!



3 thoughts on “#Writing101 Day 3 – Music is my Lifeline

  1. Ronovan says:

    Enrique is underrated as far as I am concerned. And Richard Marx just captured a moment in time with what he did. He ventured out with Hazard into telling a story across many songs that some just didn’t get. BSB? Well they have a lot of good songs but not sure I am familiar with that one. Enjoyed the read and it was well put together, but of course we all want to know the back story of the first one now. 🙂
    Much Respect

    • XunairaJ says:

      Well, can’t help the way I feel about Enrique. He has great love songs though. Well, that back story is not to be revealed as yet! Perhaps, in due course I can think about that. Well, Incomplete is a good song.

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