#Writing101 Day 6 – An Intriguing Encounter



We meet plenty of people everyday. Each one of them have a personality of their own while some succeed in forming a lasting impression on us, some don’t. Therefore, today I am going to share such an experience with you guys.

Summers are my favorite time of the year. I tend to ignore the sizzling heat, the hot air that blow over my face and goes for my evening walks. For me, they are quite invigorating and I always enjoy them. With my  iPod clipped to my pocket, I tend to forget that people exist around me until I walk back home. It was the same that day. I was on the same path that I walk everyday, oblivious to the thousand other people around me who either come to walk for fitness or work out.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell and that become more pronounced when I observed once such person with my own eyes. Our parents teach us from childhood to be donating money, clothes or anything that you can to the poor and the needy. So that day, as I completed my everyday round I turned towards the entrance/exit gate of the park where two women were standing. Completely clothed, they only had their faces visible in their ubaya. I looked at them, wondering what they were doing near the entrance of the park, that is when I noticed their eyes. Such sad eyes.

I walked closer, pausing the music blowing in my ears and stood aside to observe them. I was always the one person to first observe before helping the other person of the fact that there are a number of con artists available in the market but in this case, their sad eyes beckoned to me. I walked closer to them, watching mother and daughter huddled together, a mournful and wistful impression in their eyes. According to me, that is the sign of the most deserving who doesn’t ask but for whom we know that they need our help. My heart wrenched at the thought that they didn’t have food in their homes but they were too proud to beg for it.

I walked towards them and stopped in front of the mother. She looked at me with such wounded eyes that I can never forget. At that moment, I knew that she would never ask me for anything because she was telling me without words that she was indeed needy. I took out my wallet from my back pocket and handed her three hundred bills and the way she looked at me clenched my heart. There was clearly thank you written in them. I haven’t done a great many things in my life but at that moment, helping somebody constituted that I was somehow helpful to somebody.

The pleasure you feel after this, understanding the other person without outspoken words is the best feeling in the world. Although, to some my encounter may not be that much intriguing as it was to me but I am sure of the fact that many in my situation would have felt the same.


































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