#WRITING101 Day 7 – Rebel


“I don’t want to go!” She said, hotly. Her mother glared at her impertinence but she was too well-bred to scold her daughter in front of her guests.

“Darling, just try to listen to what your aunt has to say.” She implored softly, looking meaningfully at Sarah.

“Okay. Where were you taking me aunt?” Sarah sat down, looked haughtily at her aunt.

“Why, Paris, my dear. It’s the most beautiful city of the world and you will get to learn so much there.” Her aunt enticed her into joining her there.

“But I don’t want to go.” Sarah said, looking at her mother and then her aunt.

“Why do you want to get rid of me?” She asked her mother and a silence like death fell in the room. It was common knowledge since Sarah’s father left, her mother had been trying to get rid of Sarah for good. The look of hurt that Sarah passed her mother said it all.

They were forever strangers.

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