#BeforeTime : History

I thought that I should share some of Onaiza’s and Asher’s quotes from Before Time on my blog as it’s been a long time since I wrote something about them.


Onaiza only wanted her prince charming. She wanted to experience the beauty of life that was unknown to her. Her wants and expectations were quite childish.

prop 4

She found her prince charming in Asher. Alluring, secretive and manipulative, she’s attracted towards him.


But he, himself, is emotionally broken. Will he be able to give Onaiza the love and care she deserves?

BT-Prop 2


Stay tuned to learn about the outcome of this sizzling romance between Onaiza and Asher as they take you through a roller coaster ride of fun-filled journey from the internet chatting world to the real life romance.

5 thoughts on “#BeforeTime : History

  1. jentheriot says:

    Your cover is amazing and I love how you incorporated a post with teasers and tidbits about your characters…great idea!

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