Announcing the new cover of Before Time, a #NewAdultRomance Novel

After receiving such positive feedback from my readers and fans, Before Time has grown closer to my heart than any book I’ve written so far. Being my first adult novel, of course it happens. Like a child, I try to dress up in new ways everyday therefore, I came up with a new cover for Onaiza and Asher’s story.


Behold the new cover of a sizzling romantic tale of two souls who bond over the internet. Is their love real? Find out in the second in the series, After Time, which will be releasing soon.

Published by XunairaJ

Born on October 17, 1990 in Islamabad, Pakistan, to a government officer and a homemaker, Xunaira J, as a child dreamed of being a writer.She always loved writing short stories and has been active on Helium ( as a creative writer. She has been a blogger and been writing articles on relationship and family for a long time.When she was young, she used to write for US Magazine. Currently, Xunaira is doing her Bachelors in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing and writing at the same time. The name of her first book on Amazon Kindle is "The Cursed City" while her second book is a book of collective short stories which will be published in October, 2013. Meanwhile, She is working on another Mystery/Romance novel which is almost reaching completion. She is anticipating to publish it sometime next year.

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