Do Seasons have Emotions?

Spring is coming.

Spring is coming.

I hear that chant everywhere.

Everybody is excited that spring is coming. Weather is changing. The flowers are blooming in the flower beds and there is happiness all around after months of snow, rain and coldness. Coldness is dreary, and winters denote coldness, doesn’t it? But if you watch spring closely, with true heart, spring is more sad and dreary as compared to winters. Why is that so?

Is it the sadness and dreariness inside one’s heart or do the seasons depict the same emotions that we, humans, feel?

As a little girl, I used to watch people get excited over the prospect of spring. For me, spring denoted playing outside, watching girls wearing flowery dresses hop from swing to swing and enjoying bubbly sodas. As I grew up, the girlish image of spring took another turn. I could feel the emotions in the air, the feelings of sadness and desolation that was what spring was to be. While the sad emotions lingered in the air, there was another strong emotion that I couldn’t ignore- it was expectation.

Expectation of the future.

What I believe is that we tend to look forward to the future. The idea of the present not remaining the same keeps us expecting things to change in the future. For some people like me, who could feel the emotions in the air, spring was full of expectations: the expectation of the sadness and desolation to be emitted from the air, the expectation of something better coming our way. If that’s the case, then seasons do have emotions as well.


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