This is a great opportunity to share my good news with all of you. Before Time, my first tragic romance novel, reached #9 ranking in Coming of Age category on Amazon. This is quiet an achievement for me and I wanted to share a freebie with all my followers today. So, hop on to Amazon and download Before Time for free the next three days. I’m sure you’ll all love it as much as I love it.


Go grab it while it leads the Amazon Bestsellers List this week.

Before Time is about a teenage girl, striving to find a place for herself in this world. It’s a story about her desires, her expectations with life, her love and her family issues all combined into one. Desperate to seek peace and stability in her life, Onaiza comes upon online chatting software that seems to take away her dilemma, pain and suffering while giving her an open canvas to sketch life the way she wants to. There she meets Asher, a stranger whose simple words awaken feelings within her that she’s never experienced before, draws her closer to him. Will Asher be the lucky one for Onaiza?


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