Defining yourself is the most difficult task, I would say. Although, I’m not much of a social person but there are some things worth mentioning here for the benefit of those who had the mere inclination of visiting my blog.

 To start with, I am not an easy person to understand but well those who have endured my company, I salute them. I’m too much of an introvert to be overly expressive about anything but eventually I succeeded in making my point. My close friends would certainly disagree because sometimes I treat them like my personal diary. Well, that’s one of my major faults.

 Apart from that, I’m just a normal person; lead an ordinary life but dream like an extraordinary person. I want to be on the top of the world and I have my own fantasy world. When it comes to my work, my imagination runs wild but every piece of my work expresses a part of me.

 In the end, I have a craze for music, for nature, for beauty and ESPECIALLY rain. That’s all I would like to say for myself.


The author is a published at Amazon and writer at Helium. For more information about her, visit her Facebook page and Twitter profile.


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The Cursed City

Available on Amazon
Available on Amazon