Are we living a pretended life?

Sometimes, as we go along the normal routine of our life, something just pushes us to think about our own existence. Day by day, when we follow the same tasks, the same rules that are created by ourselves, it just makes me wonder is this all what life is about. Don’t we wish for anything betterContinue reading “Are we living a pretended life?”

Do Seasons have Emotions?

Spring is coming. Spring is coming. I hear that chant everywhere. Everybody is excited that spring is coming. Weather is changing. The flowers are blooming in the flower beds and there is happiness all around after months of snow, rain and coldness. Coldness is dreary, and winters denote coldness, doesn’t it? But if you watch springContinue reading “Do Seasons have Emotions?”

An Acid Called Love

Do you love me? she asked. No. One Single word. Two different worlds crumbled. Life goes on. **Dedicated to Life** Love is an incurable disease for which nobody has ever been able to discover an antidote. It is a poison that runs deep within you, through your blood into your veins and works its wayContinue reading “An Acid Called Love”

A Blind Girl’s Dream

I have heard that the world is a beautiful place, full of colors and beauty that surmounts anything that we can ever observe. No doubt about that but how can I form an opinion now? I can’t observe this beauty that so many sing praises of. I am but an insignificant human being with manyContinue reading “A Blind Girl’s Dream”

Fate – An Excerpt from The Cryptic Murderer

I have known her since her birth, the day she came into this world and spread her pretty brown eyes, observing everything around her with reverence and admiration. I recall she was especially obsessed with the room lights, her eyes would dart towards them again and again and she would smile. That cherubic smile that would win anyone’s heart

Teenage: What do we expect from our Teenage?

Life is very different than we imagine it to be. When we are children, we want to grow up and face the world, without the knowledge of what growing up has in store for us. What we know about growing up and experiencing life is what our parents teach us through their experiences but itContinue reading “Teenage: What do we expect from our Teenage?”

Conscience: Detrimental or Propitious – Choose Wisely

Is it necessary to have everything in our life and want more? Are we never satisfied with what we get and always expect above ourselves? It is sad to know that every man wants to reach above themselves; everyone is ruled by their so called conscience or perhaps their inner voice. This inner voice canContinue reading “Conscience: Detrimental or Propitious – Choose Wisely”

Love, Life and Everything Else

Blurb: Meet Sarah, a nine year old girl with a talent for painting and an adoptive family who supports her in everything she does. She lives a happy life with her foster father who is her idol and her foster mother who loves her unconditionally. Little does she know that her past will come backContinue reading “Love, Life and Everything Else”

Ramblings of an Overindulged Mind-II

But Immortality wasn’t for me. I became vicious, self-destructive and demented. The smell of nature, the colors, and the beauty, everything that was pretty for me slowly became hateful for I hated everything related to love. I was disoriented and incensed. The taste of my sweet slowly integrated itself into my soul, my mind inContinue reading “Ramblings of an Overindulged Mind-II”