#BookRelease Incandescence by Xunaira J. #ValentinesDay #14Feb #Romance #NewAdult #Women’sFiction #Inspirational

Title: Incandescence Author: Xunaira J. Genre: New Adult Release Date: February 14, 2016 Synopsis CAN LOVE REALLY HEAL ALL WOUNDS? Alisha had everything she ever wished for: a loving family, a career and friends who doted on her. But a late night at work, a cup of coffee, and a burning candle changed her lifeContinue reading “#BookRelease Incandescence by Xunaira J. #ValentinesDay #14Feb #Romance #NewAdult #Women’sFiction #Inspirational”

Behold! The Cover for my Upcoming Romance Novel, Incandescence

BOOK INFORMATION TITLE – Incandescence AUTHOR – Xunaira J. GENRE – Chick lit Romance/ Women’s literature/ PUBLICATION DATE – 14-Febuary-2016 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 100,000 words PUBLISHER – Amazon BOOK SYNOPSIS CAN LOVE REALLY HEAL ALL WOUNDS? Alisha had everything she ever wished for: a loving family, a career and friends who doted on her.Continue reading “Behold! The Cover for my Upcoming Romance Novel, Incandescence”

Are we living a pretended life?

Sometimes, as we go along the normal routine of our life, something just pushes us to think about our own existence. Day by day, when we follow the same tasks, the same rules that are created by ourselves, it just makes me wonder is this all what life is about. Don’t we wish for anything betterContinue reading “Are we living a pretended life?”

Finalist Top 50 Independently Published Books – Before Time

Just last night I got the news that Before Time reached the finalist list for Top 50 Independently published book. So head over to Readfree.ly and vote for Before Time to be the next Top 50 Independently Published Books. goo.gl/xK569P VOTE NOW!


This is a great opportunity to share my good news with all of you. Before Time, my first tragic romance novel, reached #9 ranking in Coming of Age category on Amazon. This is quiet an achievement for me and I wanted to share a freebie with all my followers today. So, hop on to AmazonContinue reading “WHOOOPEEE!! BEFORE TIME #9 on AMAZON!”

The Story Behind Before Time

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The bob of the pendulum clock swayed to and fro at a rhythm, known only to the clock itself. This is how time passes, without any interruption, disturbance or halt. For some, it is only a clock that measures the circumference all day long, day after day and night after nightContinue reading “The Story Behind Before Time”

Oh, Why Not!

The storm inside me wouldn’t abate The lightning and thunder would take me with them Take me to a place unknown Beneath the stars In a world that exists only in my dreams No place to run No place to hide Lost forever Forever… The burning inside my heart wouldn’t scram No amount of water extinguishes the fireContinue reading “Oh, Why Not!”

An Acid Called Love

Do you love me? she asked. No. One Single word. Two different worlds crumbled. Life goes on. **Dedicated to Life** Love is an incurable disease for which nobody has ever been able to discover an antidote. It is a poison that runs deep within you, through your blood into your veins and works its wayContinue reading “An Acid Called Love”

A Blind Girl’s Dream

I have heard that the world is a beautiful place, full of colors and beauty that surmounts anything that we can ever observe. No doubt about that but how can I form an opinion now? I can’t observe this beauty that so many sing praises of. I am but an insignificant human being with manyContinue reading “A Blind Girl’s Dream”

How to Know It’s Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is when you see a stranger, engaged in a conversation, away from you and your heartbeat quickens and you feel as if your heart is in your throat. An instant attraction and liking for that stranger develops and you want to know all about him. Your world turns upside down inContinue reading “How to Know It’s Love at First Sight”