Long Way Home

Luggage ready. Laptop packed. Everything was ready for the journey ahead. She checked her list and sighed. She was packed and ready for her trip to France but was she ready? Since the last few weeks when she had decided to visit this country, she read every brochure, article and news piece written about ParisContinue reading “Long Way Home”

Flash Fiction: The First Freeze

The navy blue Mercedes rounded a sharp bend, spilling rain water over the side-mirrors. The road was rougher than usual for this time of the year and splattered with rain which had been occurring for the last 72 hours. Despite the bad weather, Megan and Ryan weren’t deterred from their plan of spending the weekendContinue reading “Flash Fiction: The First Freeze”

Short Story: Footsteps In The Attic

The sounds of footsteps in the attic registered slowly in her sleep drugged mind. She was wide awake in an instant but then she lay back on her pillow. She knew she could not do anything about this, she knew her family had made a mistake when they moved into this house. She turned onContinue reading “Short Story: Footsteps In The Attic”

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The parking lot was swarming with reporters, pedestrians and curiosity seekers. There was traffic jam outside the town auditorium and loud honking of the cars could be heard. It was sight to behold as the large cars passed through the parking lot and parked here and there. It looked like the whole town was hereContinue reading “The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony”