#WRITING101 Day 7 – Rebel

“I don’t want to go!” She said, hotly. Her mother glared at her impertinence but she was too well-bred to scold her daughter in front of her guests. “Darling, just try to listen to what your aunt has to say.” She implored softly, looking meaningfully at Sarah. “Okay. Where were you taking me aunt?” SarahContinue reading “#WRITING101 Day 7 – Rebel”

#Writing101 Day 6 – An Intriguing Encounter

  We meet plenty of people everyday. Each one of them have a personality of their own while some succeed in forming a lasting impression on us, some don’t. Therefore, today I am going to share such an experience with you guys. Summers are my favorite time of the year. I tend to ignore theContinue reading “#Writing101 Day 6 – An Intriguing Encounter”

#WRITING101 Day 5 – Some Emotions Run Too Deep

I scanned the letter in my hands and tears gathered at the back of my eyes. From the looks of it, the recipient of the letter didn’t receive it. I looked around for whom the letter was addressed to but there was nobody in sight. I wanted to personally overlook the delivery of this before it was tooContinue reading “#WRITING101 Day 5 – Some Emotions Run Too Deep”

#WRITING101 Day 4 – The Pain of Loss

I have never imagined in my life what it would be like to lose somebody who is close to your heart and who means the world to me. I didn’t know the exact meaning of the word love, in any sense. I always thought that we automatically love our parents, from our childhood and nothing,Continue reading “#WRITING101 Day 4 – The Pain of Loss”

#Writing101 Day 3 – Music is my Lifeline

Disclaimer –  This post is dedicated to life, who taught me the meaning of words and the context of songs. Music is food for soul. I’ve read that on numerous places with different examples, situations and what not. I’ve felt the importance of music as well but did I really? Although, we think that weContinue reading “#Writing101 Day 3 – Music is my Lifeline”

#Writing101 Day 2 – A Room With A View

I wiped the tears from my eyes and banged the door close behind me. I was now in the sanctity of my room. My room was unlike any teenager’s room, it looked like a mausoleum to me with the Louis XIV four poster bed which I hated, matching winged armchairs and a vanity table. IContinue reading “#Writing101 Day 2 – A Room With A View”

#Writing101 Day 1 – Unlock Your Mind

Twenty minutes of letting go. Twenty minutes of writing to my heart’s content. But how should I write? I’m in a writer’s block. *sighs* Impressive how writers and authors write pages and pages of stories, of scenes and descriptions and poor me, who is unable to write a single word these days. Pathetic, isn’t it?Continue reading “#Writing101 Day 1 – Unlock Your Mind”