#WRITING101 Day 7 – Rebel


“I don’t want to go!” She said, hotly. Her mother glared at her impertinence but she was too well-bred to scold her daughter in front of her guests.

“Darling, just try to listen to what your aunt has to say.” She implored softly, looking meaningfully at Sarah.

“Okay. Where were you taking me aunt?” Sarah sat down, looked haughtily at her aunt.

“Why, Paris, my dear. It’s the most beautiful city of the world and you will get to learn so much there.” Her aunt enticed her into joining her there.

“But I don’t want to go.” Sarah said, looking at her mother and then her aunt.

“Why do you want to get rid of me?” She asked her mother and a silence like death fell in the room. It was common knowledge since Sarah’s father left, her mother had been trying to get rid of Sarah for good. The look of hurt that Sarah passed her mother said it all.

They were forever strangers.

#Writing101 Day 6 – An Intriguing Encounter



We meet plenty of people everyday. Each one of them have a personality of their own while some succeed in forming a lasting impression on us, some don’t. Therefore, today I am going to share such an experience with you guys.

Summers are my favorite time of the year. I tend to ignore the sizzling heat, the hot air that blow over my face and goes for my evening walks. For me, they are quite invigorating and I always enjoy them. With my  iPod clipped to my pocket, I tend to forget that people exist around me until I walk back home. It was the same that day. I was on the same path that I walk everyday, oblivious to the thousand other people around me who either come to walk for fitness or work out.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell and that become more pronounced when I observed once such person with my own eyes. Our parents teach us from childhood to be donating money, clothes or anything that you can to the poor and the needy. So that day, as I completed my everyday round I turned towards the entrance/exit gate of the park where two women were standing. Completely clothed, they only had their faces visible in their ubaya. I looked at them, wondering what they were doing near the entrance of the park, that is when I noticed their eyes. Such sad eyes.

I walked closer, pausing the music blowing in my ears and stood aside to observe them. I was always the one person to first observe before helping the other person of the fact that there are a number of con artists available in the market but in this case, their sad eyes beckoned to me. I walked closer to them, watching mother and daughter huddled together, a mournful and wistful impression in their eyes. According to me, that is the sign of the most deserving who doesn’t ask but for whom we know that they need our help. My heart wrenched at the thought that they didn’t have food in their homes but they were too proud to beg for it.

I walked towards them and stopped in front of the mother. She looked at me with such wounded eyes that I can never forget. At that moment, I knew that she would never ask me for anything because she was telling me without words that she was indeed needy. I took out my wallet from my back pocket and handed her three hundred bills and the way she looked at me clenched my heart. There was clearly thank you written in them. I haven’t done a great many things in my life but at that moment, helping somebody constituted that I was somehow helpful to somebody.

The pleasure you feel after this, understanding the other person without outspoken words is the best feeling in the world. Although, to some my encounter may not be that much intriguing as it was to me but I am sure of the fact that many in my situation would have felt the same.


































#WRITING101 Day 5 – Some Emotions Run Too Deep

I scanned the letter in my hands and tears gathered at the back of my eyes. From the looks of it, the recipient of the letter didn’t receive it.

I looked around for whom the letter was addressed to but there was nobody in sight. I wanted to personally overlook the delivery of this before it was too late.

Before the author of the letter lost hope and left her.


#WRITING101 Day 4 – The Pain of Loss

I have never imagined in my life what it would be like to lose somebody who is close to your heart and who means the world to me. I didn’t know the exact meaning of the word love, in any sense. I always thought that we automatically love our parents, from our childhood and nothing, no power can break that bond with them. Of course, I had other concepts about love as well but then I was wrong. Living a sheltered life has it’s perks but it is of no use to those who want to move forward and step in the real world later on. And that is what happened to me.

I am well acquainted with family ties, the love we share with our parents, our siblings, our relatives. I knew all about it because that was what I had seen since I opened my eyes in this world. Then there comes another love, which is hard to get but it is there: the love for our friends. You must be rolling your eyes over the fact that why would I even consider loving a friend but my opinion is what matters here. Here, it’s only me talking and you are the one who is supposed to be listening to me so you have to hear my point of view as well. Don’t think of me as arrogant or pompous, this is the way I am. Well, coming back to the love we were discussing, some friends touch a cord in your heart and become someone without whom you think you are incomplete. Although, from my experience, sometimes this bond turns into a much deeper one, which I wouldn’t name right now.

So, as I was saying, we are taught to love. Love, love, love and then all around us, people love each other, he loves her, she loves him, we hear that right. But, what exactly is love, one must think. Of course, in this time, we can’t expect a love like the Romeo and Juliet kind but it does exist, of that I am sure. But I am not going to discuss love, I am going to discuss the pain of loss. Well, coming to that, we can only experience an excruciating, mind blowing pain on losing someone when our feelings are deeply attached to them. It’s not important who they are, it can be your cat, your dog, your parrot or perhaps a human being. The person is not important but what is important is the fact how attached we become to such people. Of course, those who deny that they don’t get infatuated or attached to a particular someone are lying, but then only those people who have it in them to love can feel the pain.

Let’s see, I had a cat named Julie. She was the most adorable cat that I’ve ever come across and I loved her dearly. She would play with me, watch television on a cushion near the television that she enjoyed sitting on, he face on her paws and sitting there with a tranquil expression on her face. It wasn’t like she understood what was happening, but she sat there in her own quite way showing that she was with me all the time. When she died, due to a toxic bite from some wild insect, I felt like I had lost a friend. It wasn’t like we had huge conversations or stuff but she meant something to me, I loved her for who she was to me.

So, to feel pain for losing someone means that you’ve deep feelings for them. I will discuss these more in the next episode of the pain of loss. Keep tuned!!

#Writing101 Day 3 – Music is my Lifeline

Disclaimer –  This post is dedicated to life, who taught me the meaning of words and the context of songs.

Music is food for soul. I’ve read that on numerous places with different examples, situations and what not. I’ve felt the importance of music as well but did I really? Although, we think that we understand words, words that are being used  in the songs, we realize later on that the way we analyzed them before was not what they meant. Every song has it’s own meaning but it depends on the way we interpret it. I have a never ending list of songs that if I start sharing with you right here, they will never end. Today, on Day 3 of #Writing101, I have only fifteen minutes to share only three songs with you. So, let’s get to that.


This song, Somebody’s me, is one hell of a song. It also has numerous memories attached with it, memories that are only mine to know and that I would never want to share. I won’t tell you exactly why but I will definitely tell you why I like this particular song. Well, for one thing, I am a DIE HARD fan of Enrique and of course any song by him means I will always love it, so I do. That is one reason but another reason for loving this particular song is that it has deep, meaningful lyrics that only sensitive hearts like mine can understand. I don’t mean to say hardened, cynical people won’t understand this song but I’m sure that they wouldn’t be able to understand this because of them having closed themselves to every sweet emotions and feeling that has been put into this song. Whenever I read a piece of literature, whether it is a story, a poem, a vignette or a song, I try to understand the emotions behind the words and this song instills in me the deepest of them.


I’ve listened to this song since I was eleven. Each time I heard, I thought this was one of the sweetest songs that I’ve ever heard by Richard Marx. As a teenager, he was my favorite singer too. I used to love his song, Hazard, a lot but then four years ago, I started to love this song. The song is quite deep and only the people with a sensitive and soft heart can hear it and really hear what is being said. It gives hope for what is yet to come, good or bad and whatever that gives hope always goes into my good books.


Well, our last song for today is none other than our very own back street boys, incomplete. This song was like an undiscovered jewel for me and it drew me towards itself since the very first day. You can listen to it anywhere, but my favorite place was a park, full of people where I used to go for my long walks and it still is on the top of my list in my i Pod. I wonder why.

Well, it was quite difficult to decide upon my three most favorite songs as I have a huge never ending list but here they are. I hope if you listen to them, you’ll feel the same emotions that I have felt from mere songs.

Happy hearing!!



#Writing101 Day 2 – A Room With A View

I wiped the tears from my eyes and banged the door close behind me. I was now in the sanctity of my room. My room was unlike any teenager’s room, it looked like a mausoleum to me with the Louis XIV four poster bed which I hated, matching winged armchairs and a vanity table. I hated this room although this was my sanctuary in this house of craziness.

I quickly ran towards my walk-in wardrobe and opened the heavy doors. Quickly changing into a pair of riding habit, I tied my hair with a scarf and pulled on my favorite cowboy boots. I was going riding to the favorite place that I have kept a secret from this new family of mine. I didn’t want them knowing that I could be happy somewhere as well. Walking down the stair, I kept my eyes and ears open so that I don’t bump into my mother-in-law or my sisters who would go above themselves to ruin my plan and force me to stay inside. Thankfully, nobody was around. I quickly slipped out of a side door, one that didn’t make a noise when I opened in and slipped out, rushing towards the stable with adrenaline rushing in my ears. As expected, the stable boy already had my horse saddled and ready to go. I flashed him a thankful smile and mounted.

What a freedom it was, to ride at breakneck speed with my hair flying all around me and the fields pass me like a blur. All I could see was tons and tons of land in front of me, with fields of hay and barley, whose smell hung in the air. It was so fresh and I inhaled deeply, reveling in the feeling. This was what I enjoyed the most, the freedom, independence and the ability to breathe and live my life as I pleased. I pressed the sides of my horse to move faster and there I was, the place of my dreams.

The gazebo looked the same like the last time I’ve been here. Surrounded by beautiful arches on all sides, it was painted all white with a gray colored dome on the top. Beautiful flowers, like lilies, roses, petunias surrounded it on all sides while healthy trees grew near them, protecting them from harm. This place was beautiful and what completed the picture was the stream that ran only a few little steps along the gazebo, it’s gentle water flowing softly, beckoning me forward, telling me in it’s own language how excited it was to see me again. I tied my horse against a tree and jumped down, taking out a journal and pen out of my satchel which was already tied to the horse. Being in my favorite place, I entered the gazebo and sat down on the floor, with my back against one of the arches. This place always soared my spirits and however bad my mood was, whenever I came here, I felt happy and relaxed.

I sat there for hours, writing to my heart’s content on my journals, looking here and there once at the view around me or when a beautiful bird would come and sit on one of the arches. Finished with my writing, I closed the journal and stood up when I saw him. Deep blue eyes looked deeply into my gray ones and a smiled appeared on his chiseled features. My mouth dropped open and that was when I saw his army uniform. I turned towards where my horse was tied, untying him and mounting as I rushed back towards my castle.

#Writing101 Day 1 – Unlock Your Mind

Twenty minutes of letting go. Twenty minutes of writing to my heart’s content. But how should I write? I’m in a writer’s block. *sighs*

Impressive how writers and authors write pages and pages of stories, of scenes and descriptions and poor me, who is unable to write a single word these days. Pathetic, isn’t it? But I should not pity myself, I should try to get out of this writer’s block, I guess. Well, let’s me just try to create a vision, my favorite place where I would visit in my dreams and where I would find everything perfect, actually flawless. A place full of water, maybe waterfalls or perhaps ponds where the bird chirp overhead and I can see little children playing around me, their chubby faces exuberant and their eyes shining with mischief. I can only stand on the sidelines and watch their happiness, unaware of what their future would behold.

I turn around from my vantage point, looking over at the adults sitting on picnic blankets, happily chatting with their friends and family, munching of fruits and nuts and what I can only think is how relaxed they look but I also know one thing, we have no idea of the internal turmoil going through these people. They could see me as a happy human being but they have no knowledge of the inner turmoil that is going through me. Despite the fact, that I was at a place which was like a dream to me, my sanctuary when the pressures of the world become too much to bear and where I come rejuvenate but it makes me wonder about all these people, who are imaginary to me but their inner turmoil can be felt by me. Like Edward could read minds, like Jasper could feel emotions, I could do both. I could read their minds, I could feel their emotions and in all that, I was just helpless over the fact that I could do nothing. If we offer a helping hand to someone, we can only help them through a specific channel, until a specific time and thus, I felt helpless.

Sometimes, my mind makes me wonder about life, about the society that man has created and about how many people are going towards a decline but then, not one person can do anything because for a voice that needs to be heard, you’ve got to be loud enough for the people to hear. And me, I’m just an emotionally broken person who can’t even patch up her life let alone help somebody else.